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Business MOT

When you are dedicating so much time and energy to your business, it can be disheartening and frustrating when your plans don’t bear fruit. You know that the products or services that you offer are valuable to clients, but you are unclear as to what is preventing business success.


The BBA Business MOT is the solution if:

  • You feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start
  • You struggle with poor business performance
  • Your profits are not as you forecast
  • You are suffering from the effects of cashflow problems
  • You are finding it hard to recruit and retain talent

How the Business MOT helps you:

  • Identifies the obstacles to your business success
  • Identifies the gaps in your current strategies
  • Provides solutions to overcome challenges of growth in business
  • Provides clear and concise remedial steps for you to action
  • Provides a framework for you to work within for the future

The BBA Business MOT Process

BBA’s Business MOT is a four-stage process to help you overcome business obstacles.

The initial assessment is crucial to understand the reality of your business’s situation. We’ll assess your strategies, processes and procedures to identify the obstacles to business success.

Every business has strengths and weaknesses – gap analysis explores where your business is excelling and where your business model needs adjusting. It is during this stage that remedies and solutions are identified.

This is a highly proactive stage, designed to motivate and inspire you to take positive action. The challenge session is where you are given an action plan and new strategies to implement to gain business success. You are given deadlines to complete tasks and you will be held accountable!

The control report is an important document. It’s your record of the recommendations and guidance that BBA have tailored for you to maximise opportunities today and for the future.

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