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Small Business Consultancy

Starting and developing a business is a challenge. You are clear about the end goal, but you are unsure about the steps you need to take to achieve it, or where to turn for help.

Whether you need help starting a new business, or your business is established already, every decision that you make should be strategic.


Want are your choices?

The success of your business relies on you to make the right choices.

  • Is your company structured correctly?
  • Should you diversify?
  • How can you maximise profit?
  • What’s the best funding for small business?
  • How can you grow your small business?

Your Not alone

Many small business owners work on their own. They don’t have anyone who they can bounce ideas off, or someone who they can discuss their challenges with. This is where Business Build Advisory can help you.

BBA understands that inviting an outsider into your business is a big decision. However, we don’t come to your business to judge or preach to you, we come into work with you and identify solutions to the issues and challenges that you are experiencing.

BBA Business Consultancy

Business Build Advisory are specialist small business consultants London based but can advise small and medium sized businesses irrespective of their location. With a designated small business advisor, you work with someone who shares and understands your vision and goals.

We provide small business advisory services in two ways:

This is for working on specific and defined ad hoc projects. You know the area that needs working on, but you need clarity on how to achieve results. We work with you to understand the aims and challenges of the project so we can give you intensive specialist support to achieve your goals.

Ongoing business advisory services are when we periodically connect to review your business’ performance to ensure that you remain on the right track. It’s a great way to make you accountable for your actions – no more delaying big decisions that can accelerate business growth.

How we can help you

Through careful analysis of your business, we use our experience and expertise to prioritise your workload and help you work efficiently. BBA gives you the tools to make strategic decisions that accelerate business growth and create a sustainable business.

If you are struggling to recognise which areas of your business need the most help with, the Business MOT is a good place to start. The Business MOT identifies the key pain points in your business’s delivery, and which areas need to be focused on to grow a small business.

To learn more about how Business Build Advisory can help you overcome the barriers to success, get in touch using the form below, or call +44 (0)7946 291597.

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