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By: Wordran Naa. Wilson


How to Build a Business in 7 Simple Steps is a business growth manual for budding entrepreneurs to help transform ideas into profitable and sustainable businesses.

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By: Wordran Naa. Wilson


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20% Of New Businesses Fail In Their First Year.

N early 50% don't survive to celebrate their fifth birthday. Every business starts at zero, but why do some thrive whilst others fail to survive? This book helps you move your business idea forward and shows you how to prepare for business success.

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This book is a manual of valuable information to help you start and run a successful and sustainable business. It’s a guide that journeys with you from your initial idea, through business types and models, to finance and marketing.

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
― M Gandhi.

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Wordran Naa. Wilson

My business journey has been inspired by my parent’s struggles in business. They had the qualities required to become successes; incredibly hardworking, creative and resilient, and yet they were never enough. My parents were caught in a continuous cycle of starting a business, the businesses failing, accumulating debt, and experiencing intense frustration before starting a business again to make money. The book I have written is the book I wish my parents had access to when I was growing up in Ghana, Africa. It’s designed to help you navigate through the murky waters of business, overcome challenges and, most importantly, be in control of your business journey. I spent my childhood watching my parents repeat the same business mistakes and behaviours over and over again; we all felt the pain of another failed venture. Now, as an adult experienced in business myself, I can see that there were no barriers, rather there were obstacles for which I now have the solutions.


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This Book walks you through the vital steps you need to take in order to start a new business venture.

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Frequent Asked Questions

At My Startup Business Build Advisory, we provide tailored business solutions to startups, micro-business and established small businesses. We partner with business owners in a collaborative process to identify and resolve the challenges that are stopping your business from reaching its full potential.

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01. I need help with starting a new business and have no idea where to start. Can you help me?

Business Build Advisory was created to help people just like you. We can take you through the whole business building process and empower you so that you have the confidence and tools to make your business a success. We take your idea and vision for your business and develop a full business package – a business plan with strategies to thrive including funding options for small businesses.

02. Will you always agree with what I say?

Absolutely – just as long as you are always right! Business Build Advisory is passionate about helping businesses owners avoid mistakes and overcome the obstacles to business success. However, this means that your current ideas and assumptions will be challenged if they are preventing your business from performing to its best.

03. My English is not good what should I do to help me in business?

Even in your native language, starting a business is a challenge! Don’t worry, BBA understands how hard it can be and is here to help you. We are privileged to work with people from a diverse range of countries and cultures and use terms and language that our clients are familiar with. Financial jargon and funding applications are translated into user-friendly language so that you are not blindsided by technical speak. We can even help you with your website content and social media marketing so that it is word perfect without diluting your authentic message. Don’t let language be a barrier to your small business vision.

04. Why would I use Business Build Advisory?

BBA is dedicated to helping businesses grow and will support your business as it evolves from an idea through to being a profitable and sustainable business. We are with you every step of the journey and pride ourselves on being solution seekers – if you have a problem, we’ll overcome it. Everything that we do is tailored for your individual business with the focus on developing a successful and sustainable business model

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