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“I spent my childhood watching my parents work incredibly hard; they had many brilliant business ideas, they were driven, and they had determination, but there were always obstacles preventing their success. They were caught in a cycle of trying to earn money: starting businesses, the businesses failing, frustration and debts. The whole family lived with this pain. I know with the right advice and guidance they could have made it. This is what has fuelled my passion for helping small businesses succeed and led to BBA being born”
Wordran, Founder of Business Build Advisory


BBA is a London business consultancy firm who values and focuses on integrity and passion and has a talent for delivering results. Our promise to you is a steady and sustainable growth fuelled by cohesive strategies, sleek marketing, targeted execution and ongoing support.


Having gained over 10 years’ experience working in the financial sector, Wordran has a wealth of experience in business development and financial strategy. She has been extremely successful in outperforming growth projections for her clients’ businesses and exceeding their expectations.


However, Wordran recognised not all potential entrepreneurs and business owners are given the same opportunities and are often underrepresented in the small business world. Statistically speaking, black owned businesses have many more challenges and obstacles to overcome than their non-minority competitors. This must change.


Wordran knows the black community in London has a wealth of innovative and creative small business ideas that are not being turned into profitable businesses because people don’t know how to start a business from scratch, where to seek help for their business or the small steps that need to be taken to make their business a success.


Having lived and worked on three different continents Africa, Asia and Europe, Wordran has first-hand experience of the challenges that people face living in a country that has different customs, language and culture. Now fluent in diverse languages, including Japanese and several West African languages, Wordran understands the struggle to get your voice heard.


Wordran’s experience in the finance sector, her multinational experience, and her extensive network of contacts ensures that BBA has access to capital and finance streams for funding new businesses and growing established ventures. Business Build Advisory provides a complete business advisory service and brand development program so business ideas can evolve into the success story they deserve to be.


Business Build Advisory helps entrepreneurs in the local London community as well as clients abroad by providing essential support services to help grow their business. With guidance and advice for technology, finance workshops, in-house business planning training and 1-2-1 business owner clinics, BBA offers a holistic business advisory service.

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To teach and empower business owners to develop the skills and confidence to run sustainable and successful businesses.

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