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How to Develop Your Brand’s Online Identity

One of the greatest ways that the internet has changed our lives is through ecommerce. Ecommerce refers to any business transaction that is conducted online. Even if you don’t personally do online shopping, chances are high that you use the internet to research and inform your buying decisions. If you do this, so do your potential customers – you need to nurture your digital presence for a sustainable business!

One of the most undercelebrated aspects of the internet is that it has levelled the playing field between the big companies and the smaller homegrown businesses. You no longer need a dedicated IT and marketing department to make a big impact on your target audience – you can achieve a sustainable business on even the smallest of budgets.

But where do you start? Your digital content  (your website and social media channels) needs to actively work to promote your business, but this can be both overwhelming and intimidating; however, it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some hints and tips to help you get started on your brand’s online identity.

What do we mean by this? Unless you are a particularly innovative entrepreneur, there are more than likely going to be hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses just like yours – offering the same or similar products for the same or similar prices.

The only thing that sets you apart from them is YOU, your enthusiasm and your drive. Channel your energy into creating a brand personality that reflects your passion.

TIP: define a mission statement that articulates your business’ aims and values. A mission statement is a great tool to give your content direction and stop you going off on a tangent.

To make your brand recognisable and memorable it must be represented consistently. Familiarity builds trust: when people are familiar with your style and know what to expect, it takes little effort to process the information that you are giving them. They feel at ease with your brand. The message that you are giving potential customers is important, but so too is how you say it.

The tone of voice that you use to represent your business distinguishes it from the competition – it makes your brand unique and recognisable. It embodies and delivers the brand’s personality and the set of values that you live by and can be used to influence and persuade people to engage with your business. Need inspiration? Refer to your mission statement! Find your voice and be consistent!

TIP: Be authentic! If you write about your business pretending to be someone or something that you are not, you will find that creating content is so much harder and people will spot that you are not being genuine.

The temptation is to create content that appeals to everyone. However, the reality is that not everyone will want or need your products or services, so why waste time and resources trying to engage with them?

Think of a spray gun versus a sniper; the sniper’s success is because it has a specific target. When you know who your target audience is, you can create content that talks directly to them and provides solutions to their specific challenges.

By being consistent with your brand’s personality and providing informative, quality and valuable content you have the golden opportunity to convert website visitors into consumers, and eventually brand advocates.

TIP: once you have identified your target audience use the social media platforms that they visit to hangout online. Click here to see how different demographics use social media.

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